My Inner Voice with Mani Ratnam – 2. First Step is an Inspiration

2. First Step is an Inspiration Life is something which we always dream of doing what we want. But only few could end up writing their own screenplay against the destiny. Though was an MBA graduate, he chose to become a film maker being influenced by Bala Chandar and several others. Mani Ratnam’s first film was […]


My Inner Voice with Mani Ratnam – 1. First Love

1. FIRST LOVE Before I joined  film school, I have rarely watched some of his films once or twice in random TV channels. I never knew those films were made by him. I was fortunate to watch one of his recent films for the first time in theater when I was pursuing my graduation and […]


How to hack Website using CSRF

Before going directly into the topic i.e How to hack website using CSRF. Lets see what is CSRF and how it came into existence? Browser is a software application which locates, retrives and displays content on the World Wide Web. The content includes Web pages, Audio, Video, Images and other files. Here, Browser is the client […]

trace unknown mobile number

How to trace unknown mobile numbers

Are you getting more prank calls from unknown numbers? Worrying about how to trace unknown mobile numbers? Want to trace mobile number who is disturbing you? Finding owner of mobile number is hard because they are not listed in any public databases. But there are some ways to trace the number to some extent. Method 1: True […]

prevent Web Application from XSS Attacks

How to prevent Web Application from XSS Attacks?

JavaScript is mostly used as a client side script to interact with the user, control the browser and alter the HTML document that is displayed. It has total control of all the information (cookies stored by the domain, forms and values) in that document. By using this feature, What if the hacker injects script into […]

coding coffee sex

Coding Coffee Sex

Coding Coffee Sex, Zoom-in to coders daily life. Coders, what they do regularly? Ah!!! Coding Coffee Sex, interesting title isn’t it ?Why not, if you are a programmer, you just go mad for this combination. I know, coz I am so .  If you ask me, why don’t I name it with some other title, sure, […]

Smart Phone

How Smart phone changed my world

smart phones , how smart phone changed my world, how smart phone changed the world, smart phone apps, smart phone at work, smart phone kid, smart phone selfies, smart phone photography, skype, whatsapp, hike, line,smart phone emails I remember the olden days where people used to carry files while going to the office. Later on […]

How to prevent iframe clickjacking attacks using javascript in cross domain?

How to prevent iframe clickjacking attacks using javascript in cross domain? how to prevent csrf attacks? what are csrf attacks? How to prevent clickjacking attacks? Few days back one of my website was  down for 2 hours and I realized that it was an attack using iframes.Somebody attacked my website and sent spam traffic continuously […]

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