12 things that will make you feel active and fresh

In today's world every person is busy and want to work with freshness and enthusiasm
throughout the day, but due to laziness and sleep, there is a lot of difficulty in working.
Although our scientists have discovered many things from the environment from which
we can experience freshness throughout the day and operate without any interruption.
This article describes 12 such things that will be a refreshing experience for all the
1.Morning sunshine
In the morning, we get vitamin D from sunlight, which provides us the freshness and
energy for whole day. So, everybody should stand atleast for 7 to 8 minutes in the
morning sunshine.
Lemon is useful for health along with freshness and is perfect for digestion. Lemon juice
is an excellent source of glucose and water in the body, and freshness is felt throughout
the day.
Mint is one of the most excellent personification to feel fresh. Every person can use it
based on any desirable type or quality because there is no side effect of highly using it.
Only tea aroma is enough to get rid of laziness so every person should drink a cup of
tea in the morning. There are many types of tea available like lemon tea, green tea,
ginger tea, black tea and others but all kinds of tea do same work to feel fresh.
5. Morning Walk
Walking is useful for health. The freshness of the body is as important as that of the
mind. Morning walk keeps the body fit and. Morning walk provides fresh oxygen and
makes us more active.
6.Do exercise
People should do exercise daily because it keeps us fit and also provide freshness to
the body. Training gives us a unique energy to do work all day and night.
7.Play games

Games are vital in our life. Although health is wealth, games are the means to get it.
Games can refresh the mind and fill the body with energy. If you are playing games
daily, it can develop the sense of confidence among the people so that you can
complete your work perfectly.
8. Cucumber
Cucumber is the best source of water in the body. There are many options to use it
because its quality is very high and can be utilized as cucumber juice, pack, and other
9.Avoid smoking
All people should avoid smoking because it is very harmful to health and also makes us
lazy and dull.
10.Get up early
People should get up early in the morning because sleeping in the day is harmful and
by doing it, we can’t get a glowing skin.
11.Healthy food
We should eat special diets to be fresh and fit because healthy food keeps the body
cool and fit.
12.Suitable sleep
A proper sleep is also useful for health and freshness. A mild sleep makes us feel active
in working time. It is even recommended to sleep atleast 7-8 hours at night.


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