Interesting facts about the Himalayas that you should know about

No doubt, Himalayas is known as one of the natural wonders around the world. Its
range is about 1500 miles long and covers almost all of the Southeast Asia. The
Himalayas include approx. 30 mountains and also nine highest peaks around the
world that also includes K2 and Mount Everest. It is full of exciting stories, history,
world records and also the marvels. Here are some of the amazing facts about the
Himalayas that you should know about:
1-Youngest and tallest mountain
This is the fact that the Himalayas are the youngest mountain that is 70 million years
old. The mixture between the plates of Eurasian and Indian tectonic led to the growth
of the Himalayan region. Many research and tests have conducted that this mountain
still grows 20mm every year. Because of its continuous development, the areas in
the Himalayas are prone to landslides, earthquakes, and tremors.
2-Perfect climate for vacations
Its climate keeps on changing depending on the height. The place gets cooler when
there is an increase in height, and it gets wet when the altitude reduces. No one can
predict the climate of Himalayas as it keeps on changing rapidly. During the summer
season, weather remains very calm which is perfect for holidays and vacations while
in winters, one can enjoy the snowfall that can also be bone chilling.
3-Naming the Himalayas – Mount Everest
Nepal population call Himalayas by the name ‘Sagarmatha’ which means the God of
the whole planet whereas Tibetans call ‘Chomolungma.’ Mount Everest name was
given by the Army Officer of British, Sir Andrew Waugh from which he wanted to give
respect to his predecessor, Colonel Sir George Everest.
4-Known as a God
In the religion of Hindu, Himalayas is called as Giri-raj that means ‘King of
Mountains.’ Hindu people believe that it is the religious place and that’s why
considering it as a place of God. The Himalayas are even there in Rig Veda,
Ramayana, Mahabharat, Purana, etc. Many people even visit the Himalayas for
worshiping the God.

5-Himalayas is the home of many wildlife animals

It is the home of many wildlife creatures like leopard, goat, deer, sheep and
mountain goats. You can even see the mountain cats by climbing to the higher
altitudes. Not only animals, but even different kinds of species are also found here
like grey bushchat, rock chat, woodpecker, hill partridge and the bulbul of the
Himalayas which are simply beautiful to watch. Some of its nature things include
teak, Juniper, Deodar, pine trees and rosewood.
6-Consists of ice that never melts
The Himalayas also means the place of snow. This is called by this name because
its mountains are always covered with snow and ice. The portion of the Mount
Everest that is on the upper side is covered with snow. Even the glaciers are crystal
clear fresh water.
So, these were some of the beautiful facts about our Himalayas that you must know
about. Do not forget to share with your friends if you loved the points.

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