MS Dhoni’s winning finishes in ODI

Though there’s one name that was taken in the finishers, and that is Michael Bevan,
but by time Dhoni has approached to that tag in his remarkable journey of cricket.
Let’s take a look at his finishes that saved India from defeat.
1-India VS Zimbabwe – Auckland – ICC World Cup 2015(85 not out)
India won all the matches against Zimbabwe to reach the finals. It was Brendon
Taylor who took Zimbabwe score to 287. India, on the other hand, were 92 for four
out in their 23 rd over when Raina and Dhoni were playing. In the last overs, it was
Dhoni who found boundaries and turned the game. Dhoni finished the game with
smashing six.
2-India VS Sri Lanka – Spain – Tri Series Final 2013(45 not out)
On the ground, India had to chase 202 to win the finals. India was on 139 for three
wickets in 32 nd over, and that’s when Sri Lanka got them in trouble. With so many
wickets falling, Dhoni remained calm and was slowly taking the runs. With only 17
runs needed in two overs, India had the chance to win. Dhoni missed the first ball but
smashed six on the second one, and the next one was four. Dhoni smiled, and his
teammates were on the full moon.
3-India VS Australia – Adelaide – Tri-Series 2012(44 not out)
India had to chase 270 against Australia to win the match, and Gambhir gave a good
start. Australia assumed that they'd win as India was 178 for four in the 35 th over.
India came close to win but lost Raina and Jadeja. 13 was needed in the last over,
and Ashwin was on strike. Ashwin managed to take single with 12 left in four balls.
After that, Dhoni smashed a six and also one no-ball happened.
4-India VS Sri Lanka – Mumbai – ICC Final Cricket World Cup
2011(91 not out)
This was Dhoni’s most iconic innings ever. India had to chase 275 to win from
Lanka. Gambhir and Kohli managed to get the score at 114 for three in 22 nd over
where the match was balanced. Dhoni later started the game with singles, and he
remained calm till he smashed six in the end. India won after 28 years.

5-India VS West Indies – St. Lucia – 3 rd ODI 2009(46 not out)
India was on 159 in 22 overs. Openers did a good job and then Dhoni came at
Number 3. 11 was needed in the last over. Yusuf Pathan was on the side of M.S
Dhoni, and he gave him a strike. Later, Dhoni smashed a six on the leg side from

which India won the match. Only, the four runs were lest which Dhoni took with ease.
From this game, people got to know that how Dhoni finish the game in last over.
These were some of the matches from which India won the lost game just because
of M.S Dhoni’s batting.

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