Signs of the female body language that she likes you

When a woman is interested in you most often she remains quiet. Many of them
know how to flirt and intentionally try to show all the signs that she is attracted to
you. Here are some of the signs that show if she is interested in you.
1-Downs her head, touch her neck or play with her hairs
If she intentionally tries to do all these things that means she is trying to expose in
front of you. If she does this more often than she is really into you.
2-The way she looks at you is seductive or intense
A woman knows many methods to use while looking at someone she is attracted to.
Expressions include raising eyebrows, lowering the eyelids, blinking continuously
and holding onto the eye contact, licking lips or smiling. If a girl is timid, you might
catch her looking at you while you are looking somewhere else.
3-Playing with the hairs
It is the sign of girlishness. It is kind of cute and even gets the attention of people
who are looking. On the other hand, it also means she is bored and wants you to do
something interesting.
4-She sometimes giggle and sometimes don’t
It is the sign of youth. She is showing you that she is happy and having fun and also
trying to get more feminine so that you get to know and like her. The best way for
you to know if she is giggling of interest is to check if she makes an eye contact. You
can pay close attention to her feminism.
5-She blushes a lot and doesn’t talk much
Blushing is the signal that you are attached emotionally. This can be a sign because
of attraction as women go into the deep pleasure or also might be because of
embarrassment that might be misinterpreted.
6-She comes closer to you
You both are seated, and she is getting more excited then she’ll try to come closer.
This will happen as soon as you said something funny or you had done something
that she found attractive. This is the sign that might can't spot earlier. If she tries to
touch you often with that seductive look on her face, then she is interested in you.
7-She gives some signs of reaching her

This is just like getting closer, by giving this sign she is trying to get physically close
to you. She will show some of the signs like brushing her arms because of cold,
shrugging, touching your legs or hands, etc.
8-Playing with the nearby objects
This is one of the clearest signs if a girl is playing with objects that are around or
nearby. For example, playing with the glass of wine or with your legs.
9-She touches you
This is a universal sign of letting you know that she is attracted to you. A girl touches
someone with whom she feels comfortable.

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