Signs to know if someone is telling a lie to you

Are you bad in checking if someone is lying to you? Research has found that
people’s instincts of judging a person are strong, but sometimes it fails. There are
signs that you can look in a person while they are lying. Try to understand how the
person is behaving and pay extra attention to speech, facial expressions, and their
body language.
1-Often changing of the head position
If you see someone is moving their head more often while you have asked them
something, then they might be lying to you. The head may be tilted on the left, right
or down. This happens when the person is expected to reply before the question.
2-Change in breathe
Research has shown if someone lies they start breathing heavily. While breathing
hard, shoulders may rise, and voice becomes hard. They go out of breathing
because they see changes in blood flow and heart rate. This usually happens when
the person is tensed or nervous while lying.
3-Repeating words
They repeat things because they are trying to convince you about whatever they
said. Repeating things also gives them time to think about what else they can say.
4-Providing a lot of information
When someone gives you so much of information and too when it is not needed,
then there’s possibility that they might be lying to you. People who are lying talk a lot
so that other people with whom they are talking start believing them.
5-Cover or touch their mouth more often
This is the common sign of lying that the liar covers their mouth if they don’t want to
answer the question. When they put their hands on lips, it means that they are not
telling you everything and just don’t want to say anything. They don’t want to
communicate more.

6-Shuffling of the feet

This sign means that the person is nervous and uncomfortable because he/she is
lying. It also seems like they just want to leave from there and don’t want to answer
7-They think a lot before speaking
If you have ever watched any tape of a guilty person, then you might have seen that
it gets difficult for the person to say anything if he/she is lying. This is because the
nervous system decreases at the time of stress which dries the saliva of the mouth.
Other signs also include biting lips.
8-They stare without blinking eyes
When any person lies, they might break eye contact, but many liars also maintain the
eye contact to manipulate or control you. When a person is telling the truth, they look
here and there occasionally, and liars will try to control you. Alternatively, also watch
out if the individual is often blinking.
So, these were some of the signs that you need to watch out if a person is lying to
you. You’ll surely get to know if they are.

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