Signs you are in emotionally abusive relationship

Defining a relationship of physical abuse is very straightforward, and many people
know about this that what constitutes the abusive relationship. You find yourself
unsettled and unhappy all the time. Let’s take a look at some of the signs of knowing
if you are in an abusive relationship and consider seeking advice if you feel the
1-You are the one who always gets blamed for everything
People who are emotionally abusive never accept their mistakes, behavior or the
negative feelings and instead they blame their partners. For instance, they say to
you that you are the one who made them shout at you, you are the one who made
them drink, or you hold them back for living their dreams.
2-You always feel inferior and undeserving
There are many ways from which your partner can make you feel more important.
Maybe they can say that you are lucky to get such smart, attractive or successful
man. They also keep you saying that you are awkward, slow, not right or clumsy.
This also comes in emotional abuse if they make fun of your or your dreams.
3-Treating you like an immature
Treating like a child is good sometimes but if always treated then it can take away
your confidence and also the power. Some of the actions include telling you what
you can take, controlling your finances, scolding for shopping too much that’s when
you have just spent a little. Many people even ask their partners for the permission if
doing something social.
4-Criticize and make fun of your expenses
Individuals who are abusive will often say offensive things and then later say that
they were just joking. This action allows them to put you down in all aspects. You
can directly say that many people find the jokes disrespectful and this will show that
your partner is cruel.
5-Your partner has got more than one personality
Individuals who are abusers are considered as a switched character who often turns
from loving to an evil person. You always think before saying anything as their mood
can change from this to that.

6-It is next to impossible to please that person

Relationships like emotionally abusing sometimes feel like a nightmare in which even
if you are doing good you never meet the demand of that person. They’ll always get
the way to make you feel inadequate, whether targeting your looks, personality,
goals or the way things are kept in-house.
7-You are feeling lonely
Emotionally abusers make their partner feel alone. Ever felt you have stopped talking
to your friends or are not in touch with your family members? If it’s yes, check that
why and how it has happened.
If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is essential to seek the
professional help. You can also ask for the help on the helpline numbers that provide
immediate advice and support.

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