Top 6 weirdest lakes in the world

Usually, a lake ecosystem is covered with water around the lake. There are primarily
physical, chemical and biological properties in the lake which include plants, fish, and
algae as well as other nutrients that change with changing environments. Due to the
unusual properties of the lake, some lakes are transformed with some changing
conditions, which are assumed to be based on their weird virtue. In this article, some
definitions of such lakes have been described.
1.Pitch Lake
Pitch Lake is one of the most famous due to its name in comparison to other lakes
because this lake is built by Pitch asphalt. This is the same stuff that is used in making
roads. Initially, the thickness of the pitch lake was so much of places where it was build
to asphalt that you could easily be across it, but now its thickness is gradually
2.Baikal Lake
It is the freshwater lake in the world which is covered with ice, and even the temperature
does not affect the ice. This is the beauty of millions of years old lake in Russia because
it is highly preferred by the tourists.
3.Peigneur Lake
Peigneur Lake is a testimony to some terrible catastrophe that happened years ago.
First, a mistake of Texaco was a real cause of the disaster in the entire lake and the
second evidence is that the mishap of mineshaft created a whirlpool into the lake which
was being seen in a terrible form of the vortex by people. It got increased in the entire
lake that's why Peigneur lake is a weird lake in the world.
4.Lago Colorada
Lago Colorada is a salt lake of the red lagoon, and Borax covers Lago Colorada with
Iceland. Borax's white color and Lago Colorada's are contrast to each other. Lago
Colorada is a red water lake that exhibits Mars in Bolivia Lake's white island, and it
seems that it is made for washing.
5.Yellowstone Lake
Due to the highest point, it is also called Supervolcano. The Yellowstone is the most
beautiful and lush lake compared to all the weird lakes, which is a symbol of peace, but
it is said that this lake may burst any day destroying all the near surroundings.

6.Resia Lake
Resia is an artificial lake located in northern Italy. The most striking thing is that many
years ago the villages after the damage of the river had separated from the church
tower. That church tower is situated on the surface of this lake today. People live inside
this tower, and with the end of winter, when the lake gets dry, they come out.
So, these were the lakes that are weird because of its properties. Thus, we have seen
that all these lakes are famous due to their distinctive qualities. We searched for some
places which are different from all and also weird, and we found all of these.

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