Top excuses for leaving work early

You woke up on time, dressed up neatly, handles traffic and finally reached office but
after some time you start thinking about an excuse to make to get out of the office. It
happens with all of us like maybe because of some emergency, some personal work
or you don’t feel like working. Whatever the reason is, you still need a list of excuses
to make to your boss. So, here are some of them that you can use to get out of the
1-You are not well
This is the best excuse to make for leaving early because your boss will allow you to
move if you are not well. You can simply say that you are not fell, headache,
stomach pain, etc. Make sure to act well in front of your boss, or he/she might
understand that you are just making an excuse to leave early.
2-Family emergency
It is one of the common reasons that employees use to go early from work. For
instance, you can make an excuse for someone in your family is sick and you have
to leave early to take care of them as nobody is around. Any situation in the
household in which your presence is necessary makes the best excuse.
3-Contractors coming at your place
If you want to sound genuine in front of your boss then make an excuse like the
contractor is coming to your home to fix something broken. You can say that plumber
is coming to your house to repair the broken pipe. Your boss may understand this
and will allow you to get home early.
4-Special celebration in the family
Many people use an excuse of celebrations like birthdays, anniversary, etc. Ask your
boss to grant a leave early so you can attend your sister’s anniversary or your child’s
birthday. Make sure to remember the name of the family member so that you don’t
take the same name twice.
5-Appointment with doctor
The appointment doesn’t always mean that you are sick. It can be a regular health
check-up or visiting the dentist. Later you can tell your boss that everything is fine
and nothing is wrong with you.

6-Children needs you

If you are a mother, then this is the best excuse to make to leave early. You can tell
your boss that your child is waiting at the mall and you need to go to pick them up.
You can also say that your child has hurt themselves while playing and you need to
rush to see them. Your boss will never say no to you for such excuse.
7-Pick your relative at the airport
You can ask to leave early as you have to pick someone from the airport. It can be
anyone like a family member or relative. Make sure to check the time of flights before
making this excuse. You would get in trouble if your boss verified that there’s no
such time of flight.

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