10 little things your cat or dog does that mean its time to go to the vet

If you consider a dog or cat as your family member, it is also necessary to take care
of their health as they can not explain their problem. Therefore, recognize the
symptoms and try to know about the problem.
1. Due to any reason, if your cat or dog drinks more than regular, this is a sign of
diabetes, liver or kidney disease. But if urine is less than normal, then it might be the
sign of urinary tract.
2. If your pet is doing more vomiting or diarrhea than regular, these symptoms can
be signs of parasitic attack and gastric aortic disorder. Due to waste material in the
stomach, blood also comes in vomiting or diarrhea.
3. Pets facing lameness can be suffering from bone related illness, disc disorders or
other ribs. When such symptoms show up, all people take their pets to the vet.
4. The sign of a serious problem of weight loss may be obvious for which a
veterinarian's advice may be necessary. There can be some serious causes of
weight loss like loss of proper diet, metabolic disorders can cause weight loss due to
cancer and cardiovascular disease.
5. If your pet speaks or screams more than usual, it may be a sign of too much pain
or medical problem. After completing all his meals and other needs, take the help of
veterinary medicine to go to the problem.
6. If your pet is sad or normal at the time of recreation, test the view of his body. The
medical examination should be supported if the trauma is not clear or there is no
swelling on the body.
7. Running nose, sneezing, coughing or cavity in the eyes, these symptoms can be
of the calicivirus or common cold. But vaccination should be done because this
process is capable of killing normal viruses.
Use a warm and clean cloth to clear the eyes or nose when it is a common cold. If it
takes more than 8-9 days, contact the vet for complete treatment.
8. If your pet has been suffering from fever for a long time, it is a clear indication that
there is some serious problem in his body. Having a fever constantly means that
your pet is infected with any infection. Dog's normal temperature should be 100.5 to
If you feel the temperature of your animal body more than usual, go to the veterinary
institute and get the proper advice.

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