12 quotes from the brilliant mind of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is known as the coolest rich guy that exist on this planet and he also
interesting than Steve Jobs. He has made a remarkable mark in the universe only
because of his courage in which he took a lot of risks only to gain success and bring
new innovation in the future.

Mostly mistaken for the Iron Man’s Billionaire character of ‘Tony Starks’, Elon is an
entrepreneur that has a mind of a genius. Here is the list of the quotes that Elon
Musk himself believe, that describes the outlines that why he is such an awesome
entrepreneur and also the game changer. He is someone who is just out of the
1-Failure is just an option. If you are only succeeding and not failing then for sure
you are not innovative.
2-If anything is important for you, and also everyone is against you, still, consider
doing it.
3-While going through PayPal, I thought- ‘What are the other problems that will affect
the future of humans?’ From another perspective, ‘What will be the best way to make
more money?’
4-Physics is good while thinking something. Boil the things to the fundamental truths
and the reason up from there.

5-Brand is just a thought and it will match the reality by time. Sometimes it will
remain ahead and many times behind. But it is considered as the collective
impression that some of them have about the product.
6-The first thing to believe is that it is possible, then most probably it will happen.

7-You, want to make extra effort to build the best possible thing that you can. Find
out that what’s wrong with it and then fix. Ask for the negative comments, especially
from your friends.
8-It’s fine to have all the eggs in one basket as long as you control the basket.
9-Persistence is essential. You shouldn’t give up unless you are forced to do it.
10-Starting and growing a business is just like the innovation, determination, and
drive of the people who do that just like they are selling the product.
11-You look at your future where things will be better, but not the one where things
get worse.
12-It is a big mistake to hire many people to get the complicate work done. It never
compensates talent in getting the correct answer. This will slow down the progress
and will also make the task expensive.

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