5 extreme deserts in the world that are hardest to travel

A mixture of sand and sun sounds like a perfect idea to many of us. Not all of the
combos of sun and sand are perfect; some might be uncomfortable for animals and
humans. Many places have natural nature blessing and also mostly left deserted.
Desert is something that covers almost one-third of the planet with high temperature
and camels. There are also many deserts that are dangerous and are extreme that
you’ll start thinking about the geography lessons. Here are the extreme deserts in
the world.
Desert of Atacama
This is one of the dry places on this earth that is situated in the northern Chile
between the Chilean Coastal Range and the Andes and it receives minimum rain
throughout. The desert is so dry that it does not even have glaciers.

Namib Desert
This is the oldest desert in the world and is situated in Africa. The desert covers the
area of 80,900 km and it has no habitation. The one thing that is interesting about
the desert is that it contains the tallest sand dune that is more than 980 feet. It
receives around 10 mm of rain in a year.

Desert of Aralkum
Between the regions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was the world’s fourth longest
water body of saline. The area covers 68,000 km but it started to get vanished since
the year 1960 because of the project of Soviet Union. By the year 2007, sea got
reduced by 10% of the original size. After that, another desert took place, which is
now known as Aralkum Desert and is also considered as the youngest one.

Uyuni Desert
This is one interesting desert that is the piece of Lake Minchin, the sea that got dry
and then left behind the surface with salt. It covers the area of 10.582 km. It is the
earth’s largest salt desert that comprises 10 billion tons of salt. Not only salt, it also
contains half of lithium.

Sahara Desert
This is the earth’s largest desert that is almost large as the territory of America and it
covers most of the Northern Africa. It covers eleven countries of Africa that include
Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. The desert is bounded by the Ocean of Atlantic and
also by the Red Sea. The Libyan which is also the part of this desert reported the
highest temperature of 57.8 degrees in 1922.

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