Arab Halloween costumes that you should never wear

Halloween party season is back and with it comes the different kinds of costumes
that might offend religious minority groups and ethics. Here are some of the
costumes that should never be selected. These are the ones that make fun of
terrorism, normal clothes that many of them wear and stereotypes that are not funny.
Instead of choosing the one from the list, pick the one that is spooky or fictional.
Halloween party is about having fun and also just good scare, not mocking the
tradition and culture of people who are not like you. Here are the costumes:
The costume was sold in the stores of Halloween before being pulled off from the
shelves. It is something that consists of traditional white thobe, a turban, and the
waistcoats. Children can wear it with a long black beard. People dismissed this
clothing because it indicates that anyone who wears this is from Islam and a terrorist.

Sexy Muslim girl

This is also one of the controversial costumes that are known as the sexy burkha
look for women. The dress consists of tight, short, black dress along with the head
cover that covers face except for eyes.

Costume of Arab

Less creativity went into the design and name of the costume. It is called as the
white thobe with sunglasses, a goatee, and the white and red check headscarf. For
the touch of insensitivity, the costume is also advertised with the brown face to give
the skin tone a darker shade.

Arabian Sheik Child

This is the same costume like the Arab clothes of men but these ones are for
children. One main difference is that it comes with a mustache instead of the goatee.

Soldier of Israeli

This costume created controversy when parents saw that it was being sold at Wal-
Mart. This dress is not Arab but signifies the murder and occupation of Arabs who
have been the victims of IDF.

Camel Riding

Exhibiting that Arab is riding a camel is just like the camel jockey. What do you

White Arab Sexy Goddess

It is still not clear that what the white part refers to. A dress, skin or the wig?
Whatever it is, nothing is Arab in this dress.

ISIS Fighters

Islam is the threat to the world and also inflicts many crimes. Joking about this group
is just pretending to be one of them.

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