Best free games to play on your iPad and iPhone

iOS consists of the library that has various and if any new person gets the phone,
they may feel overwhelmed. All thanks to a number of free games that are there for
you to download, all of them are best. Take a look at the games that App Store has
to offer. Also, the list includes games that are free. Some of them consist of
microtransactions, but this game is also free to download.
It is cute but also the challenging and difficult game in which players only need to
make words from letters on a board. This sounds just like Scrabble. The thing is
every letter has limited turns before it gets turned to stone that will affect your future

Think about Tetris without pieces falling and then taking place on the board of
hexagonal, then you have Hex FRVR. This game is the difficult puzzle game that is
easy to pick up, but if you need high scores then you should maintain patience as it
takes time and planning.

Temple Run 2
For a few minutes on the trip to work, Temple 2 is considered as a great little game.
This is the only game in the store in which you may run like Bruce Lee. By jumping,
dodging and facing the obstacles, its main objective is to go far as much as you can.

Crossy Road
This is the update of the famous game classic Frogger, with the line-up of different
people and animals. Crossy Road is considered as the best, addictive and endless
runner. The game also gives you the prize when you get a return and it unlocks the
new characters from which you can select.

Fallout Shelter
The game starts with few rooms and inhabitants then it gets to expand to the
dwelling with labs, generator rooms, gyms and welcoming the new dwellers with
whom you may interact during your entire stay. Also, new couples will form and will
get added to the flock.

Bejeweled Blitz
This game is considered as the popular game in Apple app store. You just need to
match the jewels with the clock to gain the best highest score. It is good fun when
you go for short turns and also easy to pick only for 90 seconds at one time.

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