Best funny and texting games to play with your friends

Texting games are more useful for a boring person when they do not like to sit and
talk with any stranger person. If you are missing your friend, through these games
you can feel better. Friends will experience being with you. You try to know and
experiment with these games.
1.Abbreviations: Actually this game can be very fun for you when you know your
friend very closely. For example his likes, dislikes, routines, etc. You will tell your
friend to summarize all things which are doing. Then you will start to guess those
brief things. Thats where your entertainment will start.
2.Kiss, Marry, Kill: Its a classic game that easily transforms into a mobile age. You
will choose your most special three friends and your friends will split to kiss, marry
and kill. You can be famous among your friends by choosing the most outrageous
option. This will be the funniest thing in the whole game.
3.Would You Rather: This game is simple and fun as well as naughty in which you
can make more than one friend. You can ask weird and personal questions by giving
them two options. This is the most fun thing for you because this game gives you a
great opportunity to get all the information about friends.
4.I Spy: This is another classic game that is ready to go to the other level with text.
Tell your friend to find your location. After it chooses weird things but be hard to find.
Tell your friend to do same. He can do the same by anywhere around. And this
connection of both of you can be mischievous and funny.
5.Name Game: The beginning of the name game starts with deciding on a famous
fact. It can be a special person, animal, city or anything. A friend will start to open of
the texting word gradually which has already been determined. The second friend
will decide any other text. The person who can not continue the new text, surely he
will lose and will also give you a party.
6.20 Questions: This game is starting with a text called twenty Questions which
makes the game more fun and attractive. You ask some questions to your friend
from the series presented to remove the boring time of your friend. You ask him to
answer yes or no. The person who answers the questions wins.

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