Biological traits that babies get from their mothers

After having a baby, relatives start imagining that what their little one would look like
in the course of the pregnancy. Will the baby be having the nose of mommy? Will
baby have the ears like daddy? Are there any traits that come from both of the
parents? Yes, there is. While talking about traits, it would be interesting to know
which comes from the mother as she is the one who carries the baby for nine
months. So, let’s get started.
Being a left-handed person is very rare. So, the genes of passing on the same are
also complicated. If the dad is left handed then there are fewer chances of the baby
having the same but if the mom is then he/she will be too. If both of them use left
hand, then no doubt, the baby will too.

Hair color and its type
Every parent thinks about the hair of the baby that how it will look like. Will the baby
be having straight hair like daddy, or the curly brown hair like mommy? Darker hair is
dominant enough so the baby gets the style like mom's hairs. Even the texture will
look like mom’s hair.

Blood sugar level
Diabetes is something that faces lots of ups and downs while trying to keep on track.
If mom too is suffering from this, there are possibilities of a child having this too. This
leads to many problems for women as well as the child. The things that may happen
are congenital disabilities, having baby that is extra-large, early birth, stillbirth or

How the baby sleeps
It has been seen that the sleeping patterns, some bad and good are also inherited. It
is more from the mother than the father. The genetics of the mother plays a larger
role. This also includes the issues of sleeping like tossing and turning, known as
insomnia. It can also include the nap time of the afternoon.

Not only pregnant women face the risk of hepatitis, but she can also pass that to her
baby. Many of them might not even know that they are infected because it consists
of no signs and symptoms. A baby can get infected during the birth days if the
mother is suffering from hepatitis B. This can also spread if she is living with the
infected person or sharing fluids.

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