Completely weird and useless websites of the world

Some weird and useless websites can fill your 10-minute break intervals with
entertainment. Such websites have been created to lessen your boredom. A bored
person should consider such sites.
Watching Grass Grow: This weird website frequently updates the feed shown in the
balsamic area. This website is designed in a very strange way to display grass
clearly. The mouse pointer with the mower is located very arbitrarily.

Falling: Animation games in the first segment can affect you completely but this is
an only flux of common animation. There really is nothing on this website but still
useful as a screensaver. Soon you can also get hypnotized.

Zombo: No doubt, it is one of the world's most weird and useless websites. It also
orders for the newsletter to sign up but it would not be wrong to say that this is a
funny website.

Ninja Flex: Trending word, the ninja, opens by appearing on a search engine by an
exam procedure. You are bound to take the search engine to the site where two
ancient age animations are included.

Pointer: The most useless thing is that you can connect to the internet anytime. This
website still forces you to catch a mouse pointer. The weird thing is that this website
is able to show you the vain pictures of the people.

Is It Christmas?: This site has been developed for those people who are not able to
remember the date like Einstein. It able to fill your free time in a strange way.

Eel slap: This site is famous for filling your spare time with happiness. This allows
the user to kill a man on the screen with a mouse. The faster the mouse moves, the
faster the process progresses.

Staggering Beauty: Although there is no dearth of this website there is no great
beauty in it. This site shows a black colored cartoon that follows the mouse pointer.
Moving the mouse also has a deep impact on the eyes.

Make everything Ok: If you are one of those people which can spoil the given thing,
this site can help you get out of the false world. This site gives you a great
opportunity to fix things.

Paper Toilet: This site helps you to bring down the game like a paper toilet roll.
There is nothing special about this, it is famous for rolling. This process makes it
funny and weird.

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