Does parents divorce affect the relationship of a child in future?

People who are raised in the families of divorce tend to have a more negative impact
in regards to marriage and more positive towards divorce. This attitude leads to the
decreased commitment to any lovable relationship which in return turns to the quality
of the lower relationship. This also affects the sexual behavior and need of a child,
compromising their relational and emotional stability.
Trust issues
The divorce of parents leads to trust issues with everyone among children. This
creates romance and dating more difficult for children as they reach the age of
adulthood. The divorce of the parents horrifies them a lot that they get scared even
about thinking of coming in a relationship with anyone.
Hesitation while talking about marriage
Children who grow in divorced families more likely be having negative thoughts
related to marriage and more positive on divorce rather. The more natural and
common rejection or divorce is among the adults, the more expectation of rejection
and attitude comes among the children, even in those who rise in married families.
Divorce acceptance
As compared to the married parents, children of parents who are divorced have
more negative impact on marriage. A person who has faced divorce or remarriage of
their parents feels unstable and unpredictable about marriage. Children raised in
divorced families are less likely to believe in the lifelong commitment of marriage.
They’ll also think the same just like their parents. Breakup among parents increases
the children’s acceptance of cohabitation at least till they become adults. Religious
participation can also reduce the effect.
Expectations to divorce or marry
Children of stepfamilies, divorced or single parents less likely expect to get married.
An adolescent who have experienced the divorce of their parents before more likely
expect divorce, as compared to the children of the normal family. Children who have
suffered from parents divorce have a more negative impact towards marriage.

Likelihood of divorce or marriage
One generation passed the marital instability to another. Sons whose parents are
divorced and the mothers who are uneducated have more tendencies to forgo
marriage. Also, parents divorce raises children’s likeness of divorce. Research has

even shown that adults who experience divorce have chances of 38 percent higher
than the children raised in normal families. The increase is not seen whose marriage
ended because of one of the parent's death.

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