Most beautiful castles in the world

The pride of European countries is presented by their beautiful castles. Besides art,
it also reveals technology and the methods that how it was made. It also shows the
civilization of the country and what people have done while making the eye-catching
These are the astonishing sights for people who want to know about its brief history.
Here’s presenting the most beautiful castles that are must visit:
Japan – Gifu Castle
This castle is located in Gifu, Japan. It is with the Nagara River and Kinka Mount and
is represented as the main symbol of the city.
Syria – Krak des Chevaliers
It is known as the Crusader fortress in the city of Syria and also the essential military
castle around the world. The castle is located 40km away on the west from the city of
Homs that is also close to Lebanon border and is the part of Homs Governorate.
Ireland – Kilkenny Castle
The castle is situated in Kilkenny that was built in the year 1195. It is the symbol of
normal occupation and its original condition of the thirteenth century has formed the
defense element with the corner towers and a ditch, which you can still see in
Romania – Peles Castle
It is known as the Neo-Renaissance castle that is placed in the mountains of
Carpathian in Romania. It also links Wallachia & Transylvania and was built between
the years 1873 and 1914.
Japan – Matsumoto Castle
It is also called the crow castle because of the exteriors in black, it is one of the
historic castles of Japan. It is situated in Matsumoto and can be reached from Tokyo
by rail or road easily.
Scotland – Blair Castle
It is near the village ground of Blair Atholl in Perthshire in Scotland. This castle is
always open for visitors. The room has many different collections like hunting
trophies, weapons, paintings, Murray clan souvenirs, needle works etc. that is
collected by the family of Murray from many generations.
Austria – Hohensalzburg Castle

This is the castle situated in the city of Austria. It has the length of about 250 meters
and the width of 150 meters. It is also considered as the largest castles in Europe.
France – Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
It is the structure situated at the center of Disneyland Park. It is the home of
animated dragons.

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