Most strange, unusual and bizarre beaches all around the world

No doubt, beaches are beautiful but there’s also exist the ones that are kind of
strange. So, here’s the list of strange, unusual beaches that you might know about.
Pink Beach covered with sand, Bahamas, Harbor Island
This beach on the Harbor Island is popular because of its pale pink beaches filled
with sand. The microscopic insects of coral that are called Foraminifera, the red
shells get mixed with the white sand creating a pink color.

Glass Beach, Hawaii, Kauai
This is the beach that is located in Hanapepe in the industrial area in Hawaii that is
also made up of the glittering pieces of glasses of the sea. It took nearly 10 to 40
years to transform the pieces of a broken bottle into beautiful glasses of the sea.

Papakolea Green Beach, Hawaii

This beach is located near the area of South Point on the Hawaii island. This is
normally known as the green sand beach that is made up of tiny greenish stones
called Olivine.

Red Beach, Galapagos, Rabida Island
This beach of red sand is located in Galapagos. The red color gets formed because
of the oxidation of lava deposits and coral that are also rich in iron.

Purple Beach, California, USA
The Pfeiffer Beach is situated in California near State Central Coast. Its purple color
is formed when the manganese deposits get found in the rocks eroded into the sea.

Black Beach covered with sand, Hawaii

Its first name is Punalu’u Beach that is commonly known as Black Beach is located
in Hawaii. Its jet color is created by lava that flows in the ocean. Basalt is a common
igneous rock that forms when the lava solidifies and also cools down.

Shell Beach, Australia, Shark Bay
Shell Beach is the one that is situated in the area of Australia. It covers entirely 110
km stretch of the coast that is made from shells. It was then named as shell beach
because of the shells of the species named Fragum erugatum.

Orange Beach filled with sand, Malta, Ramla Bay
Ramla Bay is the orange beach that is located on the island of Malta. It is seen as
the Golden reddish sand which makes it different from all other beaches.

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