Most watched television episodes of all time

In today’s world, the airing of television episodes are no longer the cultural events
that once were. Here is the list of most-watched series. Check out the list yourself.
Edith’s problem-All in the family
Edith’s irritated nature might be a sign of her that goes through menopause. Archie
gets frustrated when he finds that she can’t change her life in 30 seconds.
The ratings of the viewers are determined by measuring the audience in every
minute of a serial. Around 26 million viewers watched the show and it got aired in the
year 1972.
The Judgement: Part 2-The Fugitive (Finale)
Lt. Gerard agreed to work with Kimble for a day to prove his innocence because
there might be someone who has been there when the wife got killed, posted bail
just for one arm man.
The series got around 26 million viewers and also got aired in the year 1967.
The Storm Breaks-The winds of war
With the German version of Poland, Pug Henry went to Washington for the meeting
with President Roosevelt. The president even got impressed that Pug saw the
German-Soviet pact and also ask to write from time on the items that might be of
their interest. Pug got concerned when he learned from Warren, who is at the school
of flight where Madeline is living now and working in New York.
The ratings of the series got around 35 million viewers and aired in the year 1983.
Part 2-The thorn birds
The miniseries covered 60 years of life in the clear family that got from New Zealand
to Australia to run aunt’s Mary’s ranch. The main center of the story was a daughter,
Meggie and also the love for the family priest, Father Ralph Bricassart. Meggie tried
to get away from Ralph by marrying handsome stockman Luke O’Neill but Ralph and
she again get reunited, with the tragic consequences for both of them.
The ratings got the viewers of around 36 million viewers and got aired in the year
1983 on television.
Say hello to a good buy-The Cosby show
Cliff gets a new vehicle that is a car but contends with the tough salesman. Rudy
creates the animals collage by cutting their pictures out of the encyclopedia of Cliff.

The ratings got the viewers of around 37 million and got aired in the year 1987.

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