Pokémon that also exists in real life

From many years, the Franchise of Pokémon has been one of the most popular
creations of Nintendo. In Japanese, it came from the phrase ‘pocket monsters,’ and
its colorful designs are also the part of series. Many of its creatures also have real-
life counters and in most of the cases, Pokémon took an existing creature and
renames them for video games. Let’s take a look at some of them:
This isn’t the most powerful but it is the cutest that exist. This expert is also the most
realistic one in the world of Pokémon. It is the caterpillar.
Caterpie is the cartoon version of the caterpillar that is also known as the parsley

This is the flower-headed Pokemon that has two types namely grass and poison.
Despite its beautiful smile, this is the powerful fighter, all thanks to its attack. This
isn’t the imagination of cartoonist but based on a real flower.

Rafflesia arnoldii is the rainforest plant that produces single one in the whole world.

This is the third generation Pokémon that looks exactly like a raccoon but only stays
for a second. It is the creature with the zig-zag pattern on it and also the black mask
around the eyes.
It looks like a raccoon but it is not the total match so its writers must have taken
inspiration from some other source.


This is one of the first Pokémon from water that also consists of the hypnotic swirls
on the chest. This was inspired by tadpole in real life. Its coin is made up of its
organs so the creator of the Pokémon got the detail right.

This is the electric type Pokémon that only has one form and also it can’t be evolved.
Maybe it’s fine because this Pokémon is the cutest fantasy animal that only shows in
a video game. This makes the surprise appearance in the version of super smash
brothers. No doubt, he is adorable as he just looks like a rodent in real life.

It is the tall yellow mammal creature with the brown spikes on its back. One of its
best features is their claws which it uses to dig and battle. It is also capable of

turning himself into a ball to protect itself. This exactly looks like Pangolin mammal
that also has big claws.

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