Some of the dare questions to ask a guy in the game of truth or dare

Truth or dare is an amazing game to know about your friends and also have some
fun. It is especially interesting to play with a guy because you can ask him about the
topics that you are curious about to know. Well, truths are easy but what’s most
interesting is dare where you can ask them to do anything.
If you are in a relationship with a guy, then you might want to go for some bold dares
but here’s the list of dares that would help you in this game.
Text your crush and tell them you have got a crush
He may ignore this one but if he chose to do dare then you need to do it as you are
left with no other option. Texting your crush and telling your real feelings is no doubt
the scariest task. At least, he got you as a company while he waits for her response.

Use the cheesy line on a stranger
Using the cheesy line on a stranger is embarrassing and most of the time it directly
leads to rejection. A daring person needs to be a good sport and must follow the
dare because after doing this it will lead to a funny story.

Complete the challenge of having salt
Many food challenges are there but this is funny to watch because many people
think that they can complete the task simply and it ends up in the struggle. For the
task, you need to have six to ten salty crackers in 60 seconds, without drinking fluid.
It is harder than it sounds.

Apply nail paint
Many boys get freaked out only with the idea of applying female products, so it will
be funny to get them out of their comfort zone.

Liking the random old photo of a girl on Instagram
Many people stalk each other on social media, but this is something that only we
know. Having him like the oldest picture of a random girl would be funny because it
makes the guy look like a creep.

Walk all over the block with the underwear over the pants
No doubt, he’ll get the funny look from which he’ll also get embarrassed and it will
also be the best entertainment for you to watch.

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