How to avoid tagging in spam posts

How to avoid tagging in spam posts on facebook wall

00 How to stop tagging in spam posts on Facebook new hack,avoid tagging in spam posts on facebook, spam post How to change privacy settings to avoid spam tagging Where to change settings Is there anyway to avoid spam tagging in facebook Hello folks, These days, everyone is using facebook to share their views and […]


Send smell through internet – How it works?

00 Send smell through internet, how to send smell through web, send smell from mobile, send scents from iPhone, send scents from email Have you ever wondered, how internet actually works? I still find unknowing expressions on my face whenever I get into that question. Its been years I have started using internet and working around […]


How to earn money through amazon affiliate program – full guide

00 How to earn money online? Most of us interested to find stuff related to this question. There are several ways to earn money online. Google Adsense, Content writing, Online games, blogging etc are few in the basket. Affiliate program is one such platform and most used technique to fill your wallet online. What is […]


How to access Web Services in AngularJS?

00 How to access web services in angularjs? Working with angularjs web applications, access web services. Restful web services in angularjs. Restangular, $http, $resource angular services to access web services First welcome to the wonderful world of AngularJS!! Angular is a best way to make dynamic web pages. It almost provides all the ways to […]


Video streaming vs Progressive download or HTTP streaming

00 In today’s world multimedia is playing key role and became most popular medium to transfer the information, especially in the web. this article describe  about differences between video streaming and progressive download. Video streaming vs Progressive download To publish videos on web we have two methodologies. 1) Progressive downloading or HTTP Streaming 2) Video Streaming […]