How to hack Website using CSRF

0-12 Before going directly into the topic i.e How to hack website using CSRF. Lets see what is CSRF and how it came into existence? Browser is a software application which locates, retrives and displays content on the World Wide Web. The content includes Web pages, Audio, Video, Images and other files. Here, Browser is the […]

prevent Web Application from XSS Attacks

How to prevent Web Application from XSS Attacks?

00 JavaScript is mostly used as a client side script to interact with the user, control the browser and alter the HTML document that is displayed. It has total control of all the information (cookies stored by the domain, forms and values) in that document. By using this feature, What if the hacker injects script […]

coding coffee sex

Coding Coffee Sex

00 Coding Coffee Sex, Zoom-in to coders daily life. Coders, what they do regularly? Ah!!! Coding Coffee Sex, interesting title isn’t it ?Why not, if you are a programmer, you just go mad for this combination. I know, coz I am so .  If you ask me, why don’t I name it with some other title, […]

How to prevent iframe clickjacking attacks using javascript in cross domain?

00 How to prevent iframe clickjacking attacks using javascript in cross domain? how to prevent csrf attacks? what are csrf attacks? How to prevent clickjacking attacks? Few days back one of my website was  down for 2 hours and I realized that it was an attack using iframes.Somebody attacked my website and sent spam traffic […]


Send smell through internet – How it works?

00 Send smell through internet, how to send smell through web, send smell from mobile, send scents from iPhone, send scents from email Have you ever wondered, how internet actually works? I still find unknowing expressions on my face whenever I get into that question. Its been years I have started using internet and working around […]


Controlling brain via Internet

00 Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, has conducted the world’s first non-invasive human- to-human brain interface in which one person was able to control the motions of another person via Internet. Using electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation, Rajesh Rao, a University of Washington professor, sent a brain signal to his colleague Andrea Stocco, causing Stocco’s finger to move […]


Torrent file sharing

00 INTRODUCTION: In this 21st century, Internet has become an indispensable part in everybody’s life. Everybody uses internet these days and some people without actually knowing what is it and how it works. Internet collaborated with world wide web has revolutionized the way in which data gets exchanged. This world wide web predominantly uses HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) […]