trace unknown mobile number

How to trace unknown mobile numbers

00 Are you getting more prank calls from unknown numbers? Worrying about how to trace unknown mobile numbers? Want to trace mobile number who is disturbing you? Finding owner of mobile number is hard because they are not listed in any public databases. But there are some ways to trace the number to some extent. Method […]

How to avoid tagging in spam posts

How to avoid tagging in spam posts on facebook wall

00 How to stop tagging in spam posts on Facebook new hack,avoid tagging in spam posts on facebook, spam post How to change privacy settings to avoid spam tagging Where to change settings Is there anyway to avoid spam tagging in facebook Hello folks, These days, everyone is using facebook to share their views and […]


Download Youtube video without software or plugin

00 Youtube is  leading video portal. There are several softwares and plugins available to download youtube videos.  Here is a very simple way to download a youtube video without software/plugin. Steps to be followed Open youtube and open your desired video Copy its link Ex: Now change the above address as Just add […]

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