How to get free gift vouchers (Amazon/Flipkart) ?

Through this article I will describe about How to get  free gift vouchers ( Flipkart/ Amazon) for absolutely free. Its a genuine, legal way unlike fraud.

Ziddu gives  gift vouchers for free, yes absolutely free.Please read How to make money through for better understanding and earning.


What is Ziddu ?
Ziddu is  the leading global e- distribution platform ranking below top 200 websites of the globe (Alexa).
Through ziddu you can earn points. Once you reach a threshold of 2000 points, Ziddu allows users to redeem points. Redemption can be done in four ways
1) Bitcoin
2) Skrill
3) Wire transfer
4) Gift Voucher

How to earn points in ziddu

1) Downloads
2) News
3) Ziddu Mobile App/ Desktop App
4) Games
5) Referrals

when threshold of 2000 p0ints is reached, You can redeem a free gift voucher.

How to earn quick points ?
Create an account in ziddu, you will get 100 free points, install ziddu mobile app you will get 400 points.

How to earn more?

  • Just share the news on to social networking sites, blogs and forums. The more number of clicks you get the more is the chances of earning points.
  • Install ziddu Desktop App, you can earn good number of points every day.
  • You can play Games with the points you’ve earned. So you might get double points if you win.

Earning points in Ziddu is very easy if you try to just promote it for a while.
go ahead !! Happy earning !!

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