Gaana app , the future of Indian Music

Like every guy I love music, I am a great fan of Ilayaraja and AR. Rahman. The way we listen to music entirely changed, but not the music. Yes, Iam right in saying that, Music never lost its intensity, never made us feel bad about it, It changed according to the transformations of Human generations.

What made me to write this Article?
In my childhood I used to listen songs in tape recorder, later I’ve listened using a CD player, IPod and now a Mobile phone. For all the above devices I mentioned, the storage is necessary. Whether it may be a cassette, a Compact Disc or a Memory card,the storage is mandatory. But the world is totally connected now, everything is on finger tips and everything can be possible via Internet. Cloud storage and cloud access replaced the traditional way of storing data and carrying it along with us.

How does it work?
The music is in cloud storage, there is no need to store in Memory card. We can directly listen to  song from the App via cloud storage. A huge collection of music albums is stored in the cloud. we can access and listen to the songs anytime and anywhere provided that we are connected to Internet with enough of bandwidth.

What is Gaana App ?
Gaana is a music app which allows users to listen to the songs from anywhere via Internet without any external storage. It consists of Music collections of different languages like English,Hindi, Telugu, Tamil etc.

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What is good about Gaana ?
It is free of cost. The app can be downloaded free from google play store and start listening to music.

Gaana referral programme
Gaana is having a friend referral program. For every friend referral you can get a recharge of Rs.20. Just send the referral link to your friends and ask them to enter referrral code of you.

Can you download songs from Gaana?
Yes you can download songs from Gaana, But it is premium. You have to pay depending up on available plan you choose.

Download gaana app here

All I can say is

Dil Hans Pade to Gaana
Dil Ro Pade to gaana
Jab dil lage to gaana
jab tute dil to gaana

girlfriend ko manane
Long drive Pe leke Jana
Vo yado Ka Tarana
Khatron main gungunana
dosto ki mehfil mein
Tabel baja ke gaana……


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