My Inner Voice with Mani Ratnam – 1. First Love



Before I joined  film school, I have rarely watched some of his films once or twice in random TV channels. I never knew those films were made by him. I was fortunate to watch one of his recent films for the first time in theater when I was pursuing my graduation and I liked it a lot. I don’t have a habit of remembering directors and their films specifically, except K. Vishwanath films.  It was for the first time I heard his name stressed more and more repetitively by one of my friend Praneeth in film school. And it was for the first time I heard that a book was written on a director and he himself explained about all his films. Though I was surprised but never tried to know about him much.

In my 2nd semester of film school, I was dealing with one of the assignments in Production Design subject. The assignment was to study a particular interested film and depict out all the basic visual components of production design in it. I was interested in choosing an Indian film and show all those production design components in it. But it became very difficult for me to find a good film well suited for my assignment. It was that time I came across an Indian film directed by the same director which my friend used to say all the time. I watched that film and compared the frames of the film with the theory of the production design subject. I was surprised to find all the theoretically described components in the subject depicted very neatly in the film. Every frame of the film looked appealing, strong in its compositions. The colors and the tones had set the mood of every scene. Production design, lighting and camera movement helped in elevating the art and aesthetic part of the film. It looked like as if he has read the book and made the film. I successfully completed my assignment. He is none other than “MANI RATNAM”.

Few months back I heard from one of my friend’s saying that Mani Ratnam is shooting his latest film Kaatru Veliyidai(Cheliyaa in Telugu) with Karthi. Though my friends were much excited but I was not until the 1st glimpse of teaser released. I was surprised and awestruck watching beautiful frames. Later after watching the full trailer, I fell in love with his film. Movie promotions were started. It was the internet that has made all the things easier for us. Every one or the other YouTube channels were interviewing Mani Ratnam. I just managed to watch all of them. But only one interview which has attracted me was the interview series made by film companion editor Baradwaj Rangan with Mani Ratnam. In the very 1st interview of the series, Rangan showed his audience a book named “Conversations with MANI RATNAM”. I reminded of my friend Praneeth, who once told me about that book. With no second thought, I ordered it on Amazon. It took four days to reach me. In my life, it was for the first time, I have waited eagerly to read a book.

Mani book

As soon as I started reading this book, I fell in love with this personality and my inner voice started speaking its way out.

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Dinesh Dinu,
Founder & Chief Editor @ Smile Art Beats.

An Electronics and Communications Engineering graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies,  Basar. With pure passion for cinema, he had a Masters Degree in Film Technology(M.F.Tech) specialized in Cinematography from Ramanaidu Film School (under Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad). He is the Founder & Chief Editor of an online Arts & Photography Magazine – Smile Art Beats. He has published about 100 artists in 20 successful issues all across India till date. He is associated with 100’s of photographers in India in coordinating the issues of this magazine. Besides he is an artist, photographer and a writer who loves to write about cinema and its technicalities. Presently he is into cinematography and have made few short films in coordination with WITALKS.

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