Send smell through internet – How it works?

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Have you ever wondered, how internet actually works? I still find unknowing expressions on my face whenever I get into that question. Its been years I have started using internet and working around web. I know what the protocols are, how they work and why they are needed. But still, as a general newbie to internet, I too wonder about its functionality and services. How can you type something and format(make-up) it? That too in multiple languages. How we are getting colors digitally? Is there any color-box in laptop and adding colors to the words? OMG!!! I am a stupid :( . But unfortunately all my stupid questions were on the internet and answered in some fashion, I AM NOT ALONE :) !

Adding another sleepless night to my little mind, technology comes with a new feature called “SMELLING THROUGH WEB”. How is it possible? For generating colors on web, we have color codes and based on that by combining fractions of 3 basic colors (RGB) we are getting some other color. I know, our eyes can lie us, so illusion making sense and still surviving. But, SMELL? Bestiee, don’t poke me! Its true. Just imagine, if you can send “sent that follows a summer rain” along with your email to your buddy, You just IMAGINE!? Stop there! As usual, I didn’t get sleep when I first heard about it. Here we go, how actually it works?

Point to be noted:

A Harvard professor has created the ability for smells to be sent electronically to another location. On 17th June 2014, he sent the world’s first scented text message, which smelled of champagne and passion fruit macaroon, from New York to Paris.

Send smell through internet
Harvard professor and oNote co-inventor David Edwards shares the scent with audience

How it works:

  • Special Scent device (scent synthesizer we call) is made to transfer or receive smells through web. iSmell Personal Scent Synthesizer, SENX Scent Device are two of them

  • The device works on electrical power

  • Connection between device and system is through USB port

  • System will have some piece of software to detect Scent Device

  • When requested for adding a smell with text, device emits the smell according to user inputs (Like output color based on given color code)

  • Device already has scent spectrum containing each scent coded and digitized as a small file. The iSmell can create thousands of everyday scents with a small cartridge that contains 128 primary odors. Every other odor is just a combination of chemical formulas from these primary odors

  • Along with text, photo or anything, one can attach SCENT and share with others

  • When you receive a scent message, if you are connected to scent device by some media (USB or Bluetooth or any other technology), your device recognizes the scent code and emits the scent using that digitized code


Working examples in the market

  1. iPhone’s oSnap app

Send smell through internet

There is already a working free iPhone app called oSnap, which allows you to take a photo of an object and then tag it in the app with some aroma notes.

There are 32 scents presently, which can be mixed together to create over 300,000 different notes. The scents include butter, balsamic vinegar, cocoa bean and fermented yoghurt.

Send smell through internet
iPhone app slides

Adding smell to your message is made easy with the app. Tap on any location in the message (in text or image or whatever), and choose scent file.

All scent files are named with smells for user easiness.

Once you’ve made your smell, you send an oNote by text, you can share it with your friends on email, Facebook and Twitter.

In order for your recipient to receive the smell, their iPhone will need to be connected via Bluetooth to the oPhone Duo, a new smelling station hotspot device that replicates the exact smell you programmed into the app, using oChips, which are something like ink cartridges for aroma(You know about ink cartridges in printer I hope).

Below picture is oPhone, which decodes the scent digitized code and emits Scent

Send smell through internet
iPhone Duo


What can be next with Scent messages?

In Daily life:

  • Alarm emits smell of your breakfast

  • Mobile predicts poisonous gases and alert users

  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend can smell ROSE with image message

4D in e-commerce:

  • Items in e-commerce can emit smell along with just image preview.

    • If any user wants to check a deo, they can’t guess just by viewing it. If there is a chance to smell it, damn good feature for e-commerce


  • 4D theaters can emit smell of food items, flowers while presenting the scenes

  • Audience can feel the smell after summer rain in theaters


What else? I am leaving to yourself. IMAGINE, its free!

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Good day!

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