How Smart phone changed my world

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I remember the olden days where people used to carry files while going to the office. Later on people use to carry laptops with 3G dongles. But it’s the time of smart phones that changed the world in every possible way. They changed the way we do our work, take pictures, chat, mails,gaming,music, document editing and lot more things. Through this article  I want to share my experiences on “How smart phone changed my world ! ”


Smart Phone at Work
I need to check mails, send mails, check out my reports every hour and talk to the clients via skype. These are my basic requirements. I used to do all those things in my laptop previously.

I installed gmail, skype, basic browser , required apps and configured my company email with my Email option available in my Smart phone. Its magical, now I can send message from anywhere, talk to the clients from anywhere , respond quickly which in turn made my work productive. Now sitting in room or hanging out with friends I am able to check my reports, send emails, respond to skype chats and lots more.


reel camera

I remember my childhood days where my dad used to carry an analytical reel camera. Those were the days where I felt a photograph is being taken only when the camera flashes. Later on it was replaced by a Digital camera.


Smart phone photography
The things totally changed,we can take as many pictures as we can in a matter of touch. From group pics to selfies, the photography is now gone to another level. When I was a child it took one week to actually see the Hard copy of photograph which was taken with a reel camera. But now the world has changed, we can take picture, share it across the globe in a matter of seconds.

Past :
Text message

I used to use Message balance and chat with the friends. Each message was charged. There used to be several offers from different ISP’s. I used to choose the best one which offers me more messages with low price.


Smart phone messanger
The things totally changed. Messaging is totally migrated to Internet. There are abundant number of free and fast messaging services like Whatsapp, Hike,line, Viber, wechat and many more. All we need to pay is for Data charges and for nothing else.

Video games

I am a great fan of Video games in my childhood, I used to play video games on Television more often. I cannot forget super Mario, f1 race, tekkan,wwe etc. Slowly as I grown up I started playing Computer games which made me a games geek. How can I forgot vice city, road rash, prince, counter strike,NFS.

Smart phone-games

The days totally changed, I don’t have to sit near a computer or my lappy to play games. Now I can play when I am travelling, in restaurant, in bar, in kitchen. Smart phone games are just rocking the world like anything. The games like candy crush, temple run, subway surfers, angry birds are global famous. Mobile games reached abundant number of audience compared to computer games.  I never found any house wife or elders playing computer games like counter strike/NFS/others but I found them playing candy crush, temple run. It’s the effect and reach of Smart phone to the people.


Using Walkman is my childhood dream, I still remember the first day when I used Walkman. It’s like a magic at that time. Things gradually began to change over a period. IPod is considered to be a Historical device that changed the way the world is today. Slowly the technology of Ipod and MP3 players migrated to Mobile phones. Thanks steve jobs for the invention of Ipod.

Smart phone music

Now music is in everyone’s pocket. You don’t even have to have SD card or anyother external device , there are apps which allows you to play music directly  from cloud. You can listen to any music in a matter of touch from anywhere across the world.

Smart phone has taken the lives of people to a digital level. A world where things are executed, connected , shared, thought, elaborated in no time.

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