How to trace unknown mobile numbers

Are you getting more prank calls from unknown numbers? Worrying about how to trace unknown mobile numbers? Want to trace mobile number who is disturbing you? Finding owner of mobile number is hard because they are not listed in any public databases. But there are some ways to trace the number to some extent.

Method 1: True Caller

True caller is an app to identify unknown numbers and block spam calls. This app is available to Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry10, BlackBerry, Symbian and Nokia Series 40 mobiles. You can download the app by following this link. Just enter the mobile number in the search bar and it will give you the results.

Advantages: Whenever you get a call or message this app will search the number in the contacts of you friends and display the name of the owner on your screen.

trace unknown mobile numberTrace mobile number


Method 2: Social networking site

Internet users are increasing exponentially, every internet user will register in any one of the social networking sites available. Enter mobile number in any social networking site search bar and see the results. Even if you can’t trace the number, Don’t worry here is an awesome technique to trace the number using Facebook.


How to trace unknown mobile numbersHow to trace unknown mobile numbers

Log out from you Facebook account and click on forgot password and enter the mobile number which you want to trace and click on search button. The name of the user, who has registered with that mobile number will be displayed. Sign in to you Facebook account and enter name of that user in the search bar and view his/her timeline.


Method 3: Locate the mobile number in

Even by following the above two methods above, if you cannot trace mobile number. You can locate the number geographically by using this method.

Go to the website and enter mobile number and click on search button. It will show the geographic location of the user and operator of that number.

trace unknown mobile number
Trace mobile number


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